About Us

The Pay It Forward Farm is a multicultural community that benefits single women and single mothers and their children, while teaching a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle and becoming a launching point for positive action in the “pay it forward” spirit of giving back to the world.

We use the term “farm” very loosely as we often have no crops in the ground and very few farm animals (albeit a couple of chickens). Conversely, the farm is a place where women can come and grow in mind, body, and spirit.

We are a volunteer and member-based organization. Through our Earth Angel Membership, each member is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per month at the farm and into the community in order to receive benefits.

Our “Paying It Forward” Philosophy

As a launching point for positive action, we strongly encourage our members to take the love and kindness that they find on the farm and “pay it forward” to the local community.  Through our outreach programs our families spend a minimum of 3 hours per month donating their time to projects in the community.

Our Pay It Forward goal for 2015 is to dedicate 360 hours to make our community a better place.

In the past we have stocked food banks, assembled Easter Baskets for the Dawn Center, and painted homes. We are always looking for new projects! Feel free to check our calendar to see where our Earth Angels will show up next and feel free to join us!