PIFF Gift Handmade Angel Items

Meet our “Sewing Goddess” and Resale Team Below!

PIFF Angel Empowerment Bags and Purses are a GREAT GIFT for yourself, a friend, a teacher or any loved one. Your purchase is also a GREAT GIFT to the Women and Families at PIFF.

When you buy from PIFF, you are not just buying a handcrafted item. You are buying the opportunity for women and families to strengthen their wings and take flight! You are Empowering PIFF families to learn new skills and earn money to lift themselves up and out of poverty!

PIFF has made a commitment to “Re-claim the Women’s Arts”.  In addition to learning valuable job skills, we also teach our women and families the lost arts of cooking, sewing and crafting. These skills an important benefit to our families as well as an opportunity to learn how to create and manage a cottage industry business.

Every PIFF Angel Empowerment Bag is handcrafted and unique.  In the spirit of “up-cycling” all of our items are made with donated materials such as denim jeans.   Please keep in mind that ITEMS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED and SHIPPED!

In addition to selling on our online PIFFGift.com site, you can find us at local craft fairs and flea markets.   There you will most likely meet our “Sewing Goddess”, Karen Day.

Meet our PIFF Sewing Goddess!

PIFF Sewing Goddess Karen Day

Karen joined our PIFF family in 2014 at which time she worked up to the Senior Level in our program and also learned that she had a PASSION for Sewing!  Karen left us for a while to pursue other opportunities but is now back and has taken a position as our very own PIFF SEWING GODDESS!

Karen leads the effort to design and sew our very popular PIFF Angel Empowerment Purses and Bags.  In addition to sewing herself, Karen teaches other PIFF members and volunteers to sew, manages inventory, and sets up at all of PIFF Gift Traveling Handmade Craft Shows.  Karen also makes BEAUTIFUL Hair Bows that you will be able to purchase at any of our shows.

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Meet our PIFF  Resale Team

Ambassador of Goodwill Amanda West

Amanda joined PIFF in January 2017.  Since then she has been working toward attaining many important personal and professional goals.  Amanda earned her title of “Ambassador of Goodwill” as she is strong advocate of PIFF, our mission and her fellow PIFF members.

Amanda earned a spot in our paid OJT (On the Job Training) program in Aug 2017 where she is learning marketable skills such as Public Relations, Sales, Customer Care, Inventory Management and more.  If you have items to donate or are in need of gently used household items and furniture, feel free to call Amanda at 727-712-6371 or email her at piffresale1@gmail.com.

Resale & Traveling Yard Sale Coordinator Jessica Rayne

Jessica has been a part or our PIFF family on and off since 2014.  She worked hard to earn  Senior Level in our PIFF FLIP program and went on to work in different capacities in our community.

When the paid OJT program became available, Jessica was a natural fit . Her energy, efficiency and attention to detail make her perfect for her position as Resale and Traveling Yard Sale Coordinator.  In this position, Jessica sorts all donations that are received, supervises volunteers, sets up our Traveling Yard Sale Program and coordinates customer care and sales.  Jessica is also an AMAZING personal shopper!  She outfits all of the women and children here at PIFF from her yard sale treasures.  If you are looking for a new “gently used” wardrobe, give Jessica a call at 727-378-5331 and she will shop for you!