PIFF Gift Traveling Handmade Crafts

PIFF has made a commitment to “Re-claim the Women’s Arts”.  We teach our members and their children how to cook, sew and craft.  Members and volunteers in turn make our adorable cottage industry crafts such as: Snappy Quote Bags, Wine Bags, Aprons and more …Sewing bags pics

Each item  is handcrafted and unique.  In the spirit of “up-cycling” all of our items are made with donated materials such as denim jeans.   Please keep in mind that all our ITEMS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED and SHIPPED!

In addition to selling on our online PIFFGift.org site, you can find us at local craft fairs and flea markets.  Check out our calendar below to see where we will be set up next!

Nothing from August 19, 2017 to September 18, 2017.