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Shopping-Cart-Icon-with-PSD-and-PNG-FormatOne way that PIFF raises funds is through the sale of donated thrift items as well as hand made crafts.

Used household goods, clothing and furniture are donated to PIFF by our generous community.   Items that are not needed by our families are sorted and sold to raise much needed funds for our PIFF programming. PIFF sets up at community yard sales (see our traveling yard sale calendar) and NOW we sell some of better items online at our site!  Check out what we have available in FURNITURE, Home Decor, Medical Supplies and MORE!

PIFF members also use their creative sewing and craft skills to make great handmade items that we offer for sale at craft fairs and online at  Check out our “Pay It Forward Wine Bags”, Hand made Snap Bags, Quilted Receiving Blankets and MORE!  Even our PIFF Chickens get in on the action with producing FARM FRESH EGGS FOR SALE!

Thank you for supporting our PIFF programming by making a purchase today!